In time

In tempo


Water is an essential good, the main natural element thanks to which there is life. Water is an inalienable right for all human beings since without it there is no future. Being able to preserve the water that the planet has always made available to us and being able to distribute it fairly, should be the main goal of civil society. This will surely take time, but the most important thing is to do it in time.

The hourglass shape of the bottle wants to encourage us not to take for granted the infinite availability of water. Just like an hourglass, the bottle can be turned upside down and placed on the glass. The slow flow of water from the top to the bottom of the bottle generates a particularly scenic mulching effect. The glass fills up slowly, letting the water take its time.

H 213 x Ø 100 mm

Recycled glass bottle, which acts like an hourglass, showing us the flow of water (time), from one space to the other ending eventually in our glass. Closed by two recycled plastic caps.

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