"Home" for homeless
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Heat is energy in motion. It’s the energy that a body with higher temperature transfers to a body with a lower temperature until both have the same level of warmth. This is basically what happens in Lig(H)Eat:
Light, Heat, Food are three vital elements that live together in this small space, feeding each other. The balance and the use of these energies give comfort to those who need it most.

A potential application of the project: Lig(H)Eat can be purchased by anyone who needs heat without having the possibility to use electricity (indoor or outdoor).
The purchase of a single product will fund a free supply of another Lig(H)Eat to a homeless person.

W 104 x H 162 x D 164 mm

The wet Zeolite (a type of volcanic stone) produces steam that allows heating small portions of food and drinks. This also produces heat which is transmitted outside through the coating rubber. Small photovoltaic panels provide energy to the resistance, on the bottom, that heats up again the water produced by the steam, and gives energy to small external LEDs.