Armadio comodino testiera
1. Room composition

2. Texture with colored string

3. Bedside table / Drawer
4. Sliding coat rack and shelf

One of the biggest problems in today’s homes is space. Houses and therefore rooms are smaller and smaller and give us the chance to think about furnishing solutions that are more adaptable. Weave concentrates three elements in a single product: it is a wardrobe, with sliding coat rack and shelves on both sides; it is a bedside table, with two pullout compartments; it is a headboard, with a decorative surface that incorporates a traditional Italian technique of making lace (Tombolo).
The versatility of this product also makes it very suitable to be used in hotel facilities, where spaces are notoriously reduced, allowing also to customize the color of the decorative thread according to the specific one of each hotel.

W 180-329 x H 210 x D 48,6 cm

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